International Council
for Archaeozoology

Participate in ICAZ

Attend a Meeting

There are many opportunities to take part in ICAZ by attending international meetings and working group meetings, which take place in various venues around the world.

Contribute to the Newsletter

A benefit of ICAZ membership is being able to contribute to the biannual ICAZ newsletter. This is one of the best ways to share news and updates with the ICAZ community. ICAZ members receive an email twice yearly inviting them to contribute to the newsletter.

Share your Work on BoneCommons

BoneCommons, sponsored by ICAZ, provides a forum for the global zooarchaeological community to openly share publications, photos, conference abstracts and presentations, and other research materials. Anyone can contribute to BoneCommons, provided they have permission to share the material(s) they are posting.

Join the Discussion

ICAZ members join many others worldwide in lively discussions on the ZOOARCH list, hosted by the UK-based JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee). Anyone is welcome to join the list to contribute to the discussions. Discussions dating back to the year 2000 on a wide variety of topics are available for public search. Please note: ZOOARCH emails cannot contain attachments. If you want to share an attachment, please post it somewhere else on the web (such as BoneCommons or ZooBook) and paste a link to it in your email.

Follow ICAZ on Twitter

 ICAZ's Twitter handle is @icaz_news