International Council
for Archaeozoology

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ICAZ affiliated Working Groups are autonomous groups formed around special themes of common interest. They meet according to their own schedules, sometimes in conjunction with ICAZ International Conferences. Some Working Groups publish their own newsletters and host their own websites. The proceedings of Working Group meetings are also sometimes published.


One of the primary ways in which ICAZ meets its goal of promoting communication among archaeozoologists is through sponsoring meetings. There are two kinds of ICAZ sponsored meetings: International Conferences, which are held once every four years, and International Committee Meetings, which occur once every two years.


The International Council for Archaeozoology (ICAZ) is a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting archaeozoological research of the highest scientific standards and fostering communication among the international community of archaeozoologists. ICAZ members number more than 550 individuals from 62 countries, all with the common interest of understanding past relationships between humans and animals.


There are many ways to get involved with the global ICAZ community. Joining ICAZ is the first step. ICAZ members meet every four years at ICAZ international conferences and take part in one or several working groups, which are smaller groups focused on specific aspects of archaeozoology. Members receive communications about ICAZ-related events and share their work and ideas in a variety of ways.


ICAZ encourages publication of the proceedings from its International Conferences and ICAZ Working Groups often publish the proceedings from their meetings and workshops. The biannual ICAZ Newsletter is published each fall and spring.


For current and past ICAZ news, view the ICAZ newsletters, with digital versions dating back to 1980. Several ICAZ prizes are awarded every four years at the International Conference.