International Council
for Archaeozoology

The Stine Rossel Prize

Starting in 2010, a prize of $500 is awarded every four years in memory of the late Stine Rossel as a contribution towards the expenses of a PhD student attending an ICAZ International Conference.

2023 Winners

In 2023, two winners were selected for a prize of $500 each by a panel of judges (Laszlo Bartosiewicz, Pam Crabtree, Canan Çakırlar, Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee, and Joaquin Arroyo-Cabrales).

  • Cristian Micó Sanchis (Catalan Institute of Human Paleoecology and Social Evolution) for the dissertation project titled “The use of teeth as high-resolution Proxy in the study of dental microwear and taphonomy”.
  • Maria Hermina Carolina (Meriam) van Os (University of Otago) for the dissertation project titled “Application and extension of the commensal model to study human migration and mobility patterns across Remote Oceania”.

2018 Winner

Mauro Rizzetto, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield, UK, for the project "The late Roman to early Anglo-Saxon transition in Britain: The evidence from cattle husbandy"

2014 Winners

Two awards were given in 2014:

  • Carlos Sánchez Hernández of Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, Spain, for the dissertation project titled "Neanderthal paleoecology in the Middle Palaeolithic of northern Spain: combined analysis of tooth microwear and cementocronology"
  • William Taylor of the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, for the dissertation project that involves the use of “3D laser scanning technology to develop new techniques for the paleopathological identification of horseback riding” with application to equid material from the Deer Stone-Khirigsuur(DSK) complex of northern Mongolia (ca. 1300-700 BCE).

2010 Winner

The first ever Stine Rossel Award was handed out during the 2010 International Conference of ICAZ in Paris. The winning presentation was: Paul Ewonus for the poster "Coastal hunter-fisher-gatherer social archaeozoology: the constitution of Pacific Northwest Coast identities" (view abstract) co-authored with Camilla Speller. In addition to the merits of the contribution, the decision was made on the basis of the candidate’s strong CV and the two unanimously enthusiastic references submitted. The 2010 task force members were Laszlo Bartosiewicz, Pam Crabtree, Richard Redding and Guy Bar-Oz – with input by Richard Meadow and Nanna Noe-Nygaard, Stine’s mentors.