International Council
for Archaeozoology

The Poster Prize

The US $500 poster prize encourages and rewards the presentation of interesting and well-designed posters.

Winners of the 2018 Poster Prize

1st prize: Carli Peters • Unravelling spatial patterns - Evaluating the site formation history of Schöningen 13II-4

2nd prize: Ornella Prato • A multidisciplinary approach to zooarchaeology: human-animal relationship at Tarquinia (Italy)

3rd prize: Dalyn Grindle • Zooarchaeology of the Native American Sturgeon Fishery in Coastal Oregon, 350 BC to AD 1150

Winner of the 2014 Poster Prize

Celeste Samec • Intra-individual variation in carbon and nitrogen isotope composition from bone and dentin collagen from modern wild camelids in the Dry Puna of Argentina

Winners of the 2010 Poster Prize

There were over 350 posters on display at the ICAZ 2010 International Conference in Paris – over three times as many as in 2006 at the México City ICAZ Conference. They attracted many visitors, and much interest and discussion. The quality was generally very high, for which all the authors are congratulated. As a result, deciding which posters deserved to be awarded prizes was a very difficult task. The judges(1) finally chose the following winners:

For the formal presentation of the poster—

WINNER (500€ prize): Melanie Filios • Documenting the macabre: Using game cameras to generate taphonomic models of waterhole faunal death assemblages in the Australian semi-arid zone (view poster)

For the quality of the research protocols—

WINNER (500€ prize): Masaki Eda, Shoji Yashima and Yakao Inoué • Medullary bones in goose remains: a reliable indicator of domestic animals in the temperate zone (view poster)

For the originality of the results—

WINNER (500€ prize): Mike Buckley, Sarah Kansa, Jane Thomas-Oates and Matthew Collins • Species identification of archaeological bone by collagen fingerprinting (view abstract)Note: Poster PDF will be available soon (project is currently under review for publication)

(1)The members of the panel of judges were: Hitomi Hongo (Japan), Véronique Laroulandie (France), Lembi Löugas (Estonia), Jacopo de Grossi Mazzorin (Italy) and Sebastian Payne (UK).

Winners of the 2006 Poster Prize

There were almost a hundred posters on display at the ICAZ 2006 International Conference in México City. They attracted many visitors and a lot of discussion. Deciding which posters deserved to be awarded prizes was a difficult task because all were very high quality. The judges(1) finally chose the following winners:


Winner ($500 prize): Marta Moreno-Garcia and Carlos M. Pimenta • Osteometric Characterization of Iberian Wolf (Canis lupus signatus): The First Database (view poster; 1.2M JPG file)

Runner-Up ($250 prize): Masaki Eda, Shozo Mihara, and Hiroko Koike • Were They Wild?: Traditional Bone Observations and Ancient DNA and Stable Isotope Analyses for Goose (Anserinae) Archaeological Remains from Japan (view poster; 800KB PDF file)

Honourable Mention: Laura J. Miller • Secondary Products and Urban Provisioning: Regional Economies and the Indus Civilization (view poster; 1.3M PDF file)

Honourable Mention: Luciana Sianto, Marcia Chame, Luiz Fernando Ferreira, and Adauto Araújo • Parasites and Climate Changes (view poster; 4.8M PDF file)


Winner ($500 prize): Helena Malmström, Gunilla Holmlund, Anders Götherström, Carles Vila • No Signs of Local Canid Domestication in Ancient Scandinavian (view poster; 340KB PDF file)

Runner-Up ($250 prize): Emma Svensson, Maria Vretemark, Anders Götherström • Molecular vs. Osteological Sex Determination in Cattle: Confirmation of Osteological Methods by Ancient DNA Analysis (view poster; 143KB PDF file)

Honourable Mention: Anna Linderholm • Can the Colour of a Horse Tell Us Something about its Status and the Status of its Owner? Determining the Colour of Horses from Bronze Age, Siberia to the Viking Age, in Northern Europe Using SNPs (view poster; 750KB GIF file)

Honourable Mention: Eriko Ishimaru, Tetsuya Umino, Minoru Yoneda, Ichiro Tayasu • Identification of Origin of Faunal Remains: Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Analysis of Marine Fishes (view poster; 300KB PDF file)

(1)The panel of judges included Umberto Albarella (UK), Luis Borrero (Argentina), Eduardo Corona-M. (Mexico), Pam Crabtree (USA), Roel Lauwerier (The Netherlands), Guillermo L Mengoni (Argentina), Sebastian Payne (UK), and Betsy Reitz (USA).