The Digital Data Interest Group (DDIG) is organized to promote the preservation and sharing of archaeological data that are maintained in digital form. The long-term conservation and protection of the archaeological record demands not only that we preserve digital documents, images, and databases, but also that we make these information resources available to other scholars so that they may be effectively used to advance archaeological understandings of the past. The interest group will seek ways to foster the development of shared digital archives of archaeological data using software that can maximize their research value while securing the confidentiality of sensitive information, and ensuring that data sources are properly credited.

DDIG Objectives:

  • Foster communication among researchers interested in sharing and preserving digital archaeological data
  • Provide a forum to foster collaborations among initiatives concerned with sharing digital data to encourage involvement in their efforts by a broader community of scholars
  • Promote data sharing and preservation to the broader archaeological community

How to join:

Any SAA member with a professional interest in issues relating to the preservation and access to digital archaeological data may join the Digital Data Interest Group. If you are not yet a member of the SAA, please join. If you would like to join, simply email the group’s convener, Josh Wells at (