July 2010

In light of the recent triennial review of copyright practice in the US by the  US Copyright Office (a division of the Library of Congress) that legalized “jail-breaking” iPhones, I thought it would be a good idea to point out some good, freely-available materials on copyright relevant to archaeology and the humanities in general:

  • article about “Copyright Urban Legends” from the June 2010 issue of Research Library Issues;
  • implications of the US Copyright Office exemptions to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act for educators from Planned Obsolescence;
  • the Privilege and Property. Essays on the History of Copyright edited book;
  • The Economics of Copyright report, a last hurrah of a now-suddenly-disbanded Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy (“Providing [UK] government with independent, strategic, evidence-based advice on intellectual property policy”… no longer needed by the new Tory-Lib government perhaps?)

Chuck Jones one more time drew my attention to an interesting website, this time by Tom Elliott, a colleague of his at NYU’s ISAW institute: Atlantides: Feed Aggregators for Ancient Studies. Elliott created 7 blog aggregators for our convenience:

  • Maia Atlantis: Ancient World Bloggers
  • Electra Atlantis: Digital Approaches to Antiquity
  • Concordia: News and Views
  • EpiDoc: News and Views
  • Pleiades: News and Views
  • Merope Atlantis: Ancient Inscriptions
  • Taygete Atlantis: Excavation Blogs