Wow! Here’s an interesting signal coming from the incoming Obama Administration. “” is now carrying a Creative Commons copyright license. According to the copyright policy on, they are using the Creative Commons attribution license. That’s the most open license Creative Commons offers, and is a great signal that at least some officials in the new Administration “get” the value of greater openness and freedom to use and reuse information. I hope this is a sign of greater sanity on issues such as defense of the public domain, transparency in government, the importance of fair use, and the need for greater openness in publicly financed scholarly and research communications.

Hat tip to my friend and colleague Jason Schultz over at the Samuelson Technology Law Clinic.

Update: The blog has a post describing the reasoning behind adopting the Creative Commons license. Interesting that they are highlighting a comment made by Lessig. It does indicate that the Obama team has some familiarity with the “Access to Knowledge” movement, its thinkers, and goals. A good sign!