The annual Society for American Archaeology (SAA) conference in Vancouver is fast approaching and I wanted to send an announcement about forums and sessions that will be of interest to our members. Please remember that the DIGITAL DATA INTEREST GROUP MEETING will be held on Thurs March 27 6:00 – 7:00pm  in the Hyatt Cypress Room.

Below are other digital data related events at the SAA meeting. Please be sure to look at the posters because fantastic work will be presented there as well, with the added benefit of greater interactivity and discussion with individual researchers. If I’ve missed one, please let me know and I will circulate:


Thurs March 27, 1:00pm  SYMPOSIUM: International Curation Standards: What’s Working, What’s Not

Thurs March 27, 1:00pm  SYMPOSIUM: Geophyiscal Archaeology at World Heritage Sites

Thurs March 27, 3:00pm  FORUM: Digital Antiquity: Planning an Information Infrastructure for Archaeology

Thurs March 27, 3:15pm  SYMPOSIUM: Advances in Methodology: Survey Techniques, Computer Use and Interpretation
Fri March 28, 12:45pm  SYMPOSIUM: Web 2.0 and Beyond: New Tools for Collaboration and Communication

Sat March 29, 8:00am  FORUM: Modeling Paleoindian Sites and Assemblages: PIDBA
(Paleoindian Database of the Americas) and Other Approaches

Sat March 29, 10:15am  FORUM: Converging Communities in Digital Heritage

Sun March 30, 8:00am  SYMPOSIUM: Southwest Heritage: Strategies for Managing and Preserving Cultural Resources

Sun March 30, 10:45am  GENERAL SESSION: Computer Modeling and Simulation