I have noticed that more and more federal agencies are requiring archaeological contractors to use GPS and GIS, but few of the agencies are then offering the contractors the GIS shapefiles to use in the field. Why are we documenting sites, features, artifacts with sub-meter accuracy and then using paper records to re-locate those same sites the next time out in the field?

I am hoping to persuade everyone to embrace the use of as many of the digital technologies as possible. I use GPS and GIS, but I do not own the hardware and software yet. However, they are the very next purchases I will make, as I consider them almost as important in doing business in 2007 as a computer and shovel.

Interested in hearing other people’s input on this topic. And I’m really interested in hearing what hardware and software people are using for GPS with real-time GIS data. ArcPad, right? Loaded onto what machine?

Fennelle Miller